Water can generate more catastrophes in your home than you can imagine

People tend not to give importance to water problems at home. After all, we are surrounded by it (in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the garden) and it is an indispensable resource in our daily lives. In short, it is synonymous with life and health. But it has a dark side that translates into leaks, floods and humidity.

We are not talking about isolated cases. According to The Consumer View, 54% of European households have suffered water damage on occasion And the humidity And worst of all: in 93% of cases, these incidents could have been avoided.

There is nothing worse than passivity in the care and maintenance of our home. Therefore, it is essential that we be aware of these dangers and know how to prevent them with different types of solutions, such as GROHE smart devices. This is what we are going to see in this article.

Where do the problems come from?

In order to avoid problems in our home, it is essential that we know our enemy and know how to understand the ins and outs of our home. Some issues are almost Perogrullo, others are more complicated to anticipate.

1. Leaks and breaks in the pipes

It is the weakest point of the house. The Consumer View states that 65% of water problems in our home are caused by pipeline failures.

And it is not only a matter of improper installation or poor quality of the plumbing, but also the temperature intervenes. Below 3 degrees Celsius you run the risk of freezing, which can cause icing - with obstructions in the supply - and the pipes cracking and cracking, causing the dreaded blowouts.

It is a frequent incident in homes with exterior plumbing but also in those located in especially cold areas. Thus, it is important to have thermometers, temperature sensors or some type of controller such as the GROHE Sense Guard, which cut off the supply as soon as it detects any type of break. Although the installation of these controllers can be done by oneself, it is always advisable to have a professional when it comes to handling plumbing.

2. Sanitary ware and appliances

The water losses of our toilets and appliances do not necessarily have to be caused by breakdown or defect in them, but also by lack of cleaning and maintenance of its components.

In this sense, the appliance that suffers the most workload is the washing machine, which is also the one that demands more water in its process. The inlet hose and the drain filter are crucial components in this task, and a blockage by dirt can cause water leakage and even breakdown of the appliance.

3. Leaks and leaks

Another cause of the humidity in our home are leaks or the dreaded leaks. These usually come mainly due to poor construction of the property or the use of low quality materials. And there are few cases.

According to the Social Memory of Unespa Insurance, a leak occurs every ten seconds in Spain. That makes about three million leaks a year, of which more than one million ends up causing some kind of accident.

4. Human errors

Let's be honest, we can blame a faulty pipe, a breakdown of appliances or a damage to the roof. But, on many occasions (if not in most), the origin of these problems is in human carelessness, our or our neighbors.

According to the report Home Insurance in Spain, the most common accident is to forget to turn off the tap and it occurs in 20.4% of the total cases. Sometimes with a double prize: it does not seem unlikely that we leave the bathtub tap open and end up flooding our house and causing leaks to the neighbor below.

The error of leave the windows open in the rainy season; who has not put his hands to his head when it starts to rain and we remember not having closed them. Not to mention an attic with upper windows in the summer house.

In the latter case, that of holiday residences, tools such as the GROHE Ondus app. It gives us the possibility to monitor the property and act remotely via mobile. Indeed, with it, we have the opportunity to control the installed GROHE devices and monitor even several homes at once.

The damages to which we are exposed

The home is the main space where we carry out our vital project. Therefore, when he suffers a mishap, our whole life is put in check, because our belongings and our own living are at risk.

In Europe, the average cost of repairing water damage is 2,297 euros. We can think that the economic side is resolved because we have insurance for that. However, despite hiring them, more than 20% of people do not receive any compensation. And those that do, only receive 61% of the total cost.

The first visible symptom that we have moisture problems in our home is the appearance of the characteristic black mold on walls and ceilings. In addition to ruining the paint - sometimes of great value if it is a sophisticated finish - the mold gives off an unpleasant smell that permeates our clothes, curtains, etc. We can clean and repaint with mold paint; but, if there are leaks, the problem will reappear.

Equally, condensation directly affects wood causing parquet, paintings, doors and all kinds of furniture to swell and rot in an irremediable way. And the evils can be greater if the water reaches documents, photographs or any belonging of incalculable sentimental value.

Another issue that we have to know is how it affects health. Moisture can cause, from excess or defect, from discomfort such as chills, headache or difficulty breathing to asthma, allergy or lung infections. Normally, those responsible are aspergillus, a group of fungus species present in mold that proliferates in closed and humid environments and can hide in windows, cracks, floors ...

Better to prevent and act on time

Avoiding water and humidity problems in our home is a task that can be arduous if circumstances do not accompany. First, you have to control humidity levels at all times to prevent leaks and mold formation. For this, we have home remedies or expensive test kits.

It is also advisable monitor indoor and outdoor temperature to be on notice of a potential freeze. In this area, we have mercury or electronic thermometers, although their reliability is not always proven and the marked temperature can depend on many factors.

The ideal, in any case, is to have sensors that can monitor and manage all these parameters (temperature, humidity, air quality ...). In these times of smart home, or smart home, many home automation proposals incorporate this type of functions; although, if they are not installed with the house, its location can be expensive, complex or technically impossible. Now, there are self-installing solutions with attractive designs, such as GROHE sensors, which allow you to control any corner of the house since it is possible to place without works in the areas where there is more risk of leaks.

In addition to warning of the water leaks produced, the GROHE smart devices in combination with the GROHE ONDUS app they help prevent greater evils. Among other functions, they show the humidity levels according to the established parameters and alert if they are above or below, or warn if the temperature drops below 3 degrees.

The rest is up to you and the characteristics of your home. If you live in an independent house, you should worry about other aspects such as the care of the garden, the cleaning of drains and pipes, to watch the waterproofing of the roof… Instead, if you reside in a block of flats, you should discuss the issue with your community of neighbors and look for joint solutions. Any effort is little to keep your home safe from this silent enemy that is water.

Video: 7 Ways to Survive Natural Disasters (February 2020).

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