Houses that inspire: a very feminine floor

Find one female house that showing you to get ideas is difficult, especially since few people risk completely decorating a house in this way, since the result can be fantastic (as in the house we show you today) or too overwhelming due to pastel colors.

In addition, choosing these colors and accessories that make a house a mainly feminine environment logically makes us characterize it a lot, so much so that people who do not like this type of "sensitive" decoration feel disgusted every day. Many men mainly find it uncomfortable, let's not talk about teenagers for whom it can be unbearable.

That is why it is a style that is usually destined mainly to personal environments, such as youth bedrooms, where we do not have to share space, and we only have to feel good ourselves, in fact we have already talked to you on occasion of female dormitories in our open doors section.

However, as I have advanced you up today we will go a little further and we will see a house decorated in a way feminine In its whole. We have already said the inconveniences, that it will not adapt to the members of our whole family if we are several at home, and that if we spend we can get a house too relaxing or overwhelming by abusing a certain range of colors.

The many advantages, such as being able to characterize our entire environment thanks to a single color, get a house that adapts entirely to our needs and our tastes in an easy way and of course create an environment that shows our personality without spending too high .

This house as I say is the example, as you can see the feminine environment is mainly provided by accessories and color textiles pink In different shades, an example is what you see in this image, a detail of the accessories that we can find in the different corners of the house.

There are also areas of the house where this style was applied using the coatings: the decorative paint on the living room or the tiles that we can see in the kitchen.

This practice is a bit more expensive, however it helps us to distribute the color in areas where we do not want to abuse accessories and where on the other hand we need a lighter environment and we cannot abuse the complementary color, the clearest example is that of the kitchen.

In the bedrooms A mixture has been made both main and children, femininity is provided through both accessories and textiles (bedspreads and carpets) and coverings, so the latter are not applied throughout the wall but as a wall of impact.

Of course, the impact wall is not a thickness of a single color, but a patterned wallpaper has been chosen, greatly reducing the power of the color.

My favorite details:

First of all the bathroom, on the one hand the toilet, isolated, but on the other the bathtub, inside the living room, separated only with a colorful curtain, very decorative and with views to the outside through a large window, of course, not Suitable for the shyest.

Secondly, the decoration of this corner of the room, apples, cakes, a radio that looks like a toy, give the impression that at any moment you can take a bite like the chocolate house, creating not only a feminine corner , but also very youthful and delicate.

When to choose this style?

Well, as we have said above, the choice becomes difficult, although the result is very beautiful we can make our partner or our children feel uncomfortable when they are a few years older, so my recommendation is to choose this style only for certain corners such as youth bedrooms .

Here you have the image gallery from which to get some more ideas if you liked this house:

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