Trend alert; bathing and bathtubs are upward in the bathroom or in the part of the house you choose

The lack of space in the bathrooms makes have a great bathtub Nowadays I can consider a small luxury.

Maybe that's why now, when they enter the bathroom, the bathtubs receive much of the prominence with beautiful designs that are not intended to be embedded.

The designs of the bathtubs charge a new interest and the bathtub returns to its origins. It is designed to be seen and admired from various angles and for the experience of taking a bath to be that, an unusual experience.

In fact if they ask me, I would tell you that the perfect bathroom would have a large bathtub and a large shower. A joint space in which both elements would share the same area and above all, screen and tiling To protect the water space.

Something like this. project image that incorporates the bathtub and shower in the same area

If you only have a bathtub, the best thing is that the bathtub is placed at the bottom of the bathroom, to have a nice front view of your jewel bathtub.

Via Real State

If you also place it under a window with views The bathroom experience now becomes absolute luxury.

Image of Interior Design Project by Natalia Zubizarreta

In the absence of space in the bathroom, we also like the option of putting the bathtub in other places such as the bedroom, the dressing room or even in a patio.

And here the bathtubs will serve only for that to bathe with low spout taps and without shower screens or curtains.

Casa Decor 2018 Miria Alía space

As for the designs, it takes everything. With legs or without legs, rounded or oval (cocoon type) and very rectangular. In addition to the classic Porcelain other materials such as copper, other metals or stones will get a unique finish.

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