Philips sets our lives with colored lights

Last week the event took place in which the prestigious Philips house shows us all the news in its catalog. He showroom set as a home where you could comb your hair, cut your beard at the hands of a professional barber or have a delicious cup of coffee Senseo machines, or going through the children's bedroom with the help of Avene, it was different and fun.

There are many novelties that the new Philips catalog has under its belt, but personally I was excited about the lighting developments, who suggest us to set our lives.

The first thing they showed me were the already famous Living colors Philips in its improved version. Depending on the color you choose: Iris, with 16 million adjustable and adjustable colors in both tone and intensity; Aura, with an exceptional conical design that allows it to be located in the corners and 120 lumens of power.

Like her little sister Micro, tiny to discreetly hide, becoming a light of subtle and romantic atmosphere, I found them charming to combine with almost any decoration, both classical and modern.

I think the idea of small colored light bulbsWell used can give a warm feeling in any room. Of course, nothing to spend putting five or six lamps of different shades or it will be impossible to be in that room. It is about creating a different ambient light for each occasion.

And as in the background I am a classic, nothing more homely than candlelight, as Philips has achieved the warm glow of traditional candles in its Candles models Candleights.

The recreation of traditional candles, including a slight flickering of the fire, but without the risks that this entails, smoke, danger for the little ones, hot wax or stains on furniture and tablecloths.

More informal but equally romantic and with the same effect, designed for a more intimate environment, at a time of day where we focus on our inner selves, the little ones Teaights, fulfill the same function as the previous ones.

And speaking of small lights, an honorable mention for the alarm clock with light WakeUp Light, in the form of the star king, simulates the dawn with a dimmer light that is shining brighter. Impressive the feeling that it is dawning in our bedroom, especially since this time of year, I do not know about you, but I wake up in a closed night.

In the previous catalog of Philips, we were surprised LightStrip, rigid strips of LED bulbs to put the libraries, such as low light on the floor, making party room effect or in the kitchen under the countertop.

Ambient lights with a small touch of light, or for the sides of the mirrors ... a thousand and one applications, which now multiply with the LightStrip Curve Color. Rigid strips become flexible, being able to surround any form or object. 16 colors for a bright decoration without borders.

For all those who like the effect of light on the wall is a different suggestion and that you can fuse With any decoration. It can even be placed after vintage industrial letters, making the effect of flashing ads on your walls.

And speaking of the industrial ship-like decoration that invaded us a couple of years ago, it comes to my hair, and you forgive me the expression this focus, well, the lamp Balance. Winner of the prize Golden iF Award, is a table lamp designed in metal and glass, which I can not help but imagine as lighting in an elegant outdoor resting environment, maybe a pool or entrancee chaise long of rattan.

For those who spend the night with the hall light or the children's bathroom on, with the consequent expense, Philips has the solution. A fun little friend, shaped like marshmallow or cloud of chuche, with a beanie, which is at the same time, the switch.

A soft tap turns on and off myBuddy, lighting a light moon in his little trot during bedtime, which turns into a sun at the time the parents program in the back. Useful to mark the crazy short times (including weekends, because until the sun rises they should not rise).

In this sense I am skeptical, the truth, it is worth giving them security to know that they have their little light there and that if they need more power they just have to give the switch / hat, but because a doll tells them if it is sooner or later, a Once dawn ... that does not stop my dwarves, of course.

And some hilarious lamps that give a lot of play, and never better, are the Nick-knack. Minimalist design, they are available in three colors, black, yellow and red. At first glance are some sticks with two LED lights at the top end. But they are equipped with two hinges that allow you to move them to your liking to create different shapes, lower to read in bed, higher to not disturb, focus in one direction or another, come on, to play with them.

And in reality, the ones that seemed less innovative to me were the already famous ones InStyle Swing, standing or table top, in black and white aluminum, these lamps, also with LED technology, offer a white light ... after all that was seen, I was not impressed too much.

What do you think about the news of Philips? Do you like to decorate with light?

Video: Philips Hue 3rd Gen Review + Set Up. Best Lighting System Ever!! (February 2020).

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