Mediterranean or contemporary style, these are the pools that Spaniards like the most

Our favorite pools They are not the biggest or the most spectacular in design. Our favorite pools are Mediterranean or contemporary style pools that adapt like a glove to the surroundings (patios or gardens), in which they are. Without much noise but with style.

Houzz, the platform that puts decorators and interior designers in contact with individuals, and that has more than 40 million users in the world reveals what they are.

And it is that among its thousands of images the Spaniards have chosen five swimming pools as our favorites.

Five pools that stand out for their contemporary or Mediterranean style.

Why August heat is better spent with a pool nearby; Therefore, users have saved images of their favorite pools in their "Idea Albums" to find the inspiration they need to build the pool of their dreams.

Contemporary, with vegetation, Mediterranean style ... This is the pool we prefer.

1.- A haven of peace. The cover image shows a Mediterranean-style pool with a look at tradition, the beauty of this pool and its surroundings lies in the use of natural materials, such as the stone and the wood

2.- Modernity and warmth are not at odds.

Photo: Alberto Dastis Photography | CUBYKO | Houzz.es

This contemporary style pool Photographed by Alberto Dastis is one of the favorites of the Houzz community.

As there is not much space on the terrace, the longitudinal layout of the patio has been used to create this beautiful pool. Despite the size of the patio it seems open to the house through large windows. And is that incorporating the outside area as one more room in the house is increasingly popular among individuals : According to the latest report on trends in Houzz kitchens, 37% of individuals opened their kitchen abroad.

3.- Mediterranean essence.

Photo: Marta García-Villalón | Houzz.es

An elevated pool gives charm and color to a Mediterranean air patio in Seville. The color scheme is ideal: brick, green and water blue. To top off, ceramic pieces with graphic motifs. A pool with which we travel, at a glance, to the South.

4.- The pool, an architectural element.

Photo: Muher studio. Art and Architecture | Houzz.es

This project of Muher study It is a clear example of how a pool can accompany and enrich the architecture. The elongated pool It gives this design a layer based on straight lines and a natural color palette that contrasts with the immaculate white of the main house.

Photo: Mauricio Fuertes | Jorge Bibiloni Architecture and Balearic Terrace Furniture | Houzz.es

5.- Enhance natural beauty.

Photo: Mauricio Fuertes | Jorge Bibiloni Architecture and Balearic Terrace Furniture | Houzz.es

The surrounding vegetation She is the main protagonist of this project designed by Terraza Balear. The pool, rectangular and contemporary, serves as a swimming and recreation area: a relaxing, austere and elegant space, in perfect harmony with the surroundings and the abundant vegetation.

Via Houzz

Video: A Spanish-Style Home Full of Color and Joy in San Antonio (February 2020).

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